Refund Policy

The account officer adopts and follows the recovery procedures related to the customers through the official notice received from Aamer definitively approved by the customer attached to the reference workflow# AA/21/000111, as any customer is entitled to make a request for refund the wallet balance amount (Exclusive of Logistics Charges) and replacement at any time through his account on Aamer by following the procedures:

- Submit a refund request electronically through Aamer’s personal account stating the reasons.

- Aamer reviews and checks the application and ensures that account data is updated from relevant entities.

Aamer then sends settlement notice as a reply to the customer within two working days according to one of the following:

- Fully approve the refund in the event that work on the transaction has not started or other exceptional cases related to the same transaction, the customer or force majeure.

- Partial approval of the refund, in the event that work on the transaction is started, where only the remaining amount in the electronic wallet is refunded based on the status of the transaction and the stage of completion. The final settlement statement is sent to the customer.

- A definitive refusal to refund in the event that the work is started and the transaction is completed, and the customer does not want to receive the transaction.

Upon investigation of the refund request, the settlement notice will be uploaded on the customer’s Aamer application account.

The approved refund will be credited to the same bank account which the transaction is made from; transferring the refund to third party account would require the approval of Aamer Managing Director.

In case of a disbute, the customer has the right to contact Aamer for further explanations via Email and call center: 02 651 9000.