Aamer Consultancy was established to provide a wide range of consultancy services that encompass logistics, human resources, public relations, project development, project management and administrative activities. The company endeavors to meet the requirements of customers, to exceed their expectations, to follow the best international practices and standards and adopt cutting-edge technology in the delivery of its services. Aamer Consultancy developed its strategies after identifying the strengths and weaknesses of existing services to support government entities, private companies, and individuals, with the aim of ensuring customers’ happiness through a creative platform. We seek to promote economic development strategies to achieve the government’s aspirations for the next fifty years.


Aamer Logistics is a leading provider of logistics solutions for efficient document delivery services that cater to the needs of all individual and corporate clients. The company has built strategic partnerships with ministries, governmental and semi-governmental entities, and companies to create a unified platform that ensures the smooth delivery of all types of documents while keeping pace with the visions and aspirations of the government of the United Arab Emirates, guaranteeing customer happiness, and ensuring fast and high-quality document delivery services. We, at Aamer, work relentlessly to improve and speed-up every aspect of the process, continuously expanding our operations with the aim of being the ideal link between service providers and their customers in the UAE. The company provides a wide range of corporate services: from setting-up and registering businesses on behalf of founding members to assisting companies in building partnerships with foreign companies, finding local partners and agents, as well as providing secretarial and other related services.


Aamer Business is a major business firm that specializes in providing administrative services to businessmen. Its business facilities offer the necessary secretarial services and printing centers management. Aamer Business is an accredited service provider of a range of services that include the preparation of commercial and personal transaction documents of behalf of third parties, the procurement of necessary licenses from official authorities, the completion of customers’ data and excercise legal capacity, the submission of documents to governmental and non-governmental bodies and institutions, and the follow-up and process finalization through a fast and effortless customer service.


Aamer Delivery is a one-stop center specializing in receiving and delivering finalized documents for companies and individuals alike. Aamer Delivery aims to provide the best solutions and approaches for the completion, clearance, collection and delivery of all government documents on behalf of customers while saving time with an effortless process, allowing customers to submit their documents from wherever they are. The company focuses on the following strategies: garanteeing customers’ comfort and happiness - speed: saving time and effort - privacy: ensuring the confidentiality of customers' information by using a secure system.


Aamer Digital Hub Platform is a distinguished IT company that develops advanced software solutions and Aamer Digital Hub platforms targeting various markets. The company created Aamer Application platform, a smart services portal and an operating call center that combine the private and government sectors through its outstanding quality services for customers. Its real-time value-added solutions are designed to provide efficient and extensive functionality through a secure platform.