Aamer is an Emirati company based in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. We specialize in providing logistics solutions for Document Delivery Services (DDS). We, at Aamer, work relentlessly to improve and speed-up every aspect of the process, continuously expanding our operations with the aim of being the ideal link between service providers and their customers in the UAE.

Aamer occupies today a prominent position as a leading provider of Document Delivery Services (DDS) and comprehensive logistics solutions that cater to the needs of all individual and corporate clients.

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Developping integrated systems for document management and clearance, providing added-value services to customers and the local community in line with the standards and practices adopted through the platform, by building effective partnerships with customer happiness consultants, service and technology providers to raise productivity levels while respecting social distancing measures, given the current circumstances. Aamer’s objective is to keep pace with the various technological and logistical advances in line with the vision of the Abu Dhabi government, and to create a cognizant digital society with the purpose of reducing physical gatherings while enhancing work output.


Setting-up smart logistics services that promote document delivery and processing in Abu Dhabi to be in line with our government’s ambitions; keeping pace with its vision for digital transformation, and providing quality services with added-value to our customers and visitors. Aamer’s aim is to simplify the process of document delivery and follow-up, as well as facilitate document clearance, shipments and other e-services.


At Aamer, our ultimate goal in providing our services is to ensure the happiness and well-being of UAE citizens and residents, as we are committed to providing innovative and effortless services that respect international standards, meet the aspirations of our customers, exceed their expectations and guarantees clients’ happiness to uphold the "Customer Happiness Charter."


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  • Responsibility
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  • Sustainability